Monday, April 20, 2009


Bunny News: Pinky died...
School News: 23 days of school left...
Horse News: Cricket jumps! she loves it i made a jump and she loves it!
Book News: I correct myself The Night World series is pretty close to twilight... I'm almost done with the 3rd one... 1 left to read... so sad
Bedroom News: It needs to be cleaned... bad
Toe News: ingrown toe nails hurt like HECK!!
Computer News: i crashed mine... or maybe it crashed itself... either way it won't work...
Random News: The word democracy is banned in online chat sites in China...
Wordly News: Obamas been in office 91 out of 1424 days
Car News: I may get this car... (may being the key word)

Dodge Avenger... what do you think?

Last News Flash: My brain has crashed...


  1. Caroline, Sorry about your bunnies. Hope the rest of them are OK. The weather is finally nice enough to ride. We are going to a Mustang Adoption this next weekend. Not to adopt but to help the BLM. Take care sweetie, I miss you.

  2. I want a ride when you "may" get the car :)

  3. Sorry about your bunnies Caroline. My room is a wreck too!