Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well I rode Cricket today and she did beautifully. She wanted to run at first so i let her and she took a VERY VERY sharp turn and my foot grazed the ground... slightly freakky! It was fun, we have been doing a lot of jumping lately she loves it and she is beautifully perfect for it! After riding I took her to a grassy spot covered in clover and took off the rope and let her graze around, while she was enjoying her 4-leaf-clovers, i poem popped into my head...


One heart as large as the ocean
Four legs as wild as the wind
One Mustang
One Rider
One Soul


  1. Caroline that is just beautiful!

  2. That touched Grandmommy's heart! Cricket is LOVING SPRING! please wear your helmet.

  3. Perfection in a poem:)