Sunday, March 29, 2009


FRIDAY the dance. Samantha got to come over and we got ready at my house. We had tons of fun dancing all night at the dance. after the dance we went to Tori's house and had Oreo's and Milk! then we all pretty much passed out.

SATURDAY dad came and got me and Sam from Tori's at 6. we were going to go to ole miss, but we didn't because of the rainy weather. Sam and i went back to sleep then at 11 got up watched Twilight and rode horses. Cricket was extremely bratty and bucked and reared and kicked so we had to go back to the barn and i switched horses. i think she was PMSing lol. it was cold so when we got back we made microwave smores and hot chocolate. at 7 we all went and watched Knowing at the theater and ate Chinese food. After the movie we headed to wal-mart and got Twilight bracelets, necklaces, and posters, and a shirt. We also got the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua which my grandmommy MUST watch!

SUNDAY Sam left right after we got up at 11 i spent most the day catching up on some Math homework. I also played fetch with Rosalie i believe i finally managed to wear her out after bout 30 minutes.

MY wall of Twilight!


Our Microwave Smores

Rosalie and Me playing fetch. She has a big baseball in her mouth!

Me and Sammy riding horses. Cricket does that with her head when she is mad at me ^-^


  1. Grandmommy has SEEN BHC :) with Riley and Jimmy I think. It was SO cute. You had a wonderful weekend.

  2. Carrie you had a very busy/fun weekend it sounds like. Rosalie is very pretty.

  3. I miss riding horses! And I totally enjoyed Beverly Hills Chihuhua! Love your blog... you keep it up and I'll add it to my blog roll.
    Cousin Teri