Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Did I convince you to read this book?

Night World Volume 1: Secret Vampire, Daughters of Darkness, & Spellbinder
Author: L.J. Smith
- the new book i started
- three different stories
- in 729 pages
- 3 books in the series
- rumored to be life after Twilight
My Opinion: The stories are amazing and can draw you in. They revolve around love and the Night World consisting of Vampires, Witches, Shape shifters, and Werewolves. Night world law clearly states not to fall in love with a human, but that comes in conflict with many of the characters when the soul mate principal comes into play. No matter what you do you cannot break the bond of true soul mates. The main characters find themselves breaking the law and having to find some solution to what they will do about their other half. Of course I'd hate to ruin the ending of the stories so i will leave it at that. All in all an amazing read! My favorite character: Ash!

But life after Twilight? Not quite, i think it will be difficult to find something as addiction worthy as Stephenie Meyer's books.

NEXT BOOK IN LINE: Night World Volume 2
~Dark Angel
~The Chosen

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