Friday, May 15, 2009

Read My Lips

I read the book Read My Lips. And i love it!
i've given it to all my friends to read and they all love it to!
They really wanna know if there will be more, cause thats just how good the book was.
I fell in love with Miller!
I wanna meet a guy like hims sooooooo bad!!

I offically have a car!!
so pretty!!!
i'll put a picture of it on here soon...

Reason for not blogging for so long... School... so annoying, its over today thank goodness
except for finals next week but those are only half days..


  1. we definitely have a cool cousin author:) Congrats on your's so cute! I love you XXXOOO
    Aunt Tina

  2. Cousin Teri!!!!!!!!! you have an official endorcement :) I loved it too, but I know I'm not as important~

    Carrie..I just love love LOVE the car. Papa called it grey! I CORRECTED HIM. He think's it's cool. We are also very proud of all your awards at school. We love you. G. & P.