Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Introduction

Here are my animals ^-^


He is my West Highland White Terrier.

He is 4 years old.

He enjoys sleeping on moms bed & bodyslamming Rosalie.

He hates people stealing his food and Rosalie waking him up.


She is my Australian Sheperd.

She is 6 months old.

She enjoys playing at the barn & chasing Lucky.

She hates cold weather.

He is my Tuxedo cat.

He is 9 years old.

He enjoys sleeping and long walks with his family.

He hates having to walk the whole way.


She is my Siamese cat.

She is 10 years old.

She enjoys chasing her tail and getting attention.

She hates the dogs.


He is a Siamese Fighting fish.

Age unknown...

He enjoys floating around in his tank.

He hates his reflection.


She is my Kiger Mustang.

She is 5 years old.

She enjoys being ridden bareback on the trails and biting Dash's butt.

She hates Dash stealing her food.

Baby Dash

He is my 1/2 Quarter Horse 1/2 Thoroughbred.

He is 10 years old.

He enjoys chasing Cricket around the arena and running barrels.

He hates being told what to do.

No Name White Horse

He is my Miniature Horse.

He is 2 years old.

He likes following me around & sweetfeed & hay.

He hates oats.

(I need a pretty name for him)


He is my Bobcat Barn cat. (he looks like a bobcat

He is a year old.

He likes his kitty food & being petted.

He hates cold weather.

Those are my animals as of right now i will prob. have more in the next year or so. haha. i love animals!

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  1. You need pictures of all your animals! I think Mystic is a good name. Or any magic name. He looks like a magic horse.